Why DIY Bath & Body GIfts Are Extra Special

Tis the season y’all! You know what that means. Start tossing up those decorations, planning big meals for friends and families, and the best of all…GIFT GIVING! Which sounds all well and good until you remember that it costs money…well, because life? You can’t seem to help notice your pocket book may be a little light these days. Maybe you have budgeted for gifts but want to spice things up a little bit. Maybe you’re a new mom, and that domestication bug bit you. Either way, there are many benefits for making your gifts!

Save some coins

Suddenly, you realize you need a gift for EVERYBODY in your office, teachers’ gifts, and gifts for your neighbors.  “How in the world can anybody afford 35 Christmas gifts?”  Well, there is an easier, more economic way to spread holiday cheer without breaking the bank. You can still give beautiful gifts to everybody on your gift list this year without having to max out your credit cards or live on Ramen noodles.

Discover the brilliance of making your own handmade bath and body products. from candles to soap, bath salts, or even all natural deodorant. The fact of the matter is, when somebody receives a handmade gift, it touches the heart in a place no other gift can.

Knowledge: A gift that keeps on giving

There are so many benefits to making bath and body products as gifts for family and friends. Not only do they benefit, you do too. Might as well indulge in that exfoliating salt scrub you made for your girlfriends. With the newfound knowledge, you never know what seed it can plant. You just might fall into what can turn out to be the great passion.

People are becoming much more self-sufficient and owning their own companies, all because one year they decided to make homemade candles for their fellow Book Club members. 5 years later, they have a small boutique on Main Street, U.S.A, and can’t keep those things on the shelf.

Handmade with Love

Making products is incredibly satisfying and leaves you filled with a sense of accomplishment. Anything that makes you bring out that sense of power and handiness you never knew you had – can’t be bad.

But…where to start? There are plenty of resources for DIY gift help. The internet is a DIY genius (just in case you didn’t know). We will be continually adding new ingredients and recipes to help and inspire. Check out a great cuticle butter recipe to whip up in an afternoon that you and your girlfriends would absolutely love. You might not realize it, but your house could be a goldmine of items just waiting to be repurposed. They say home is where the heart is…but we say homemade is.

So let’s get creative! Ease the financial pressure of Christmas, all the while plumping up the spirit of the holidays – because that’s what it is all about.