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If you do a search for “bath and body recipes” online,  no doubt, you’re going to find an abundance of blogs and recipes related to this topic.  However, you will also find that few can compare to the integrity and quality, nor offer any significant benefits or results, such as the DIY Bath & Body Recipes.

What makes our recipes so special?

At  DIY Bath & Body, our team of professional formulators has spent years analyzing and researching essential oils and all-natural, organic raw ingredients, and the many references throughout modern science and history which support their many beneficial properties for beauty and healing. Armed with this knowledge, and combined with countless hours in our test kitchen, every one of our recipes has been carefully and personally formulated, tested, tried, and proven true and effective by our formulators.

DISCOVER the miraculous anti-aging and healing benefits of using products made from essential oils and all-natural, organic, raw ingredients and CREATE one of our DIY recipes today. It is life-changing, enlightening and fun, and we’re confident you will LOVE our recipes,and living the all-natural  DIY Bath & Body lifestyle.

“Because what you put ON your body, is just as important as what you put IN your body.
—Elice Davis, founder & formulator

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