BEE-autiful Skin begins with Raw Honey Skin Care



Raw honey skin care is a great natural addition to any DIY bath and body skin care routine. Be sure to use only raw or organic honey, because honey that has been processed loses many of its rich nutrients and healing properties.  Plus, you want to avoid any harsh chemicals that may have been added during the commercialized processing of the honey. And only organic products ensure that the product does not contain any toxins from pesticides.

Honey in History

The  healing power of honey, dates back as far back as 2000 B.C. where there are accounts of honey being used to treat open wounds. And in 50 A.D., Greek physician Dioscorides used honey to treat sunburns, infections, and wounds.  References to its miraculous healing properties can also be found in the Bible and the Koran.  With natural anti-bacterial and anti-fugal properties, honey fights inflammation and reduces redness associated with many skin irritations.  When applied to the skin, honey removes dead skin tissue and boosts new cell growth and help fade scars.

Medical studies show that on average, raw honey skin treatments heal small burns faster than burns that were treated with antibiotic creams and for treating a variety of other skin conditions.  Honey can also been used to treat diabetic foot sores and ulcers.  Integrative Veterinary practices use honey in treating open wounds on animals, or to treat pets that suffer from allergies or other skin irritates.


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DIY Natural Skin Care  

The human body’s largest organ is our skin and every day we expose it to a multitude of harmful elements, some are environmental, but most are man-made.  Have you ever picked up a beauty product and turned it over to read the label, only to discover a long list of man-made chemicals, artificial colors, fragrances, and preservatives?  Being healthy is a choice. We can all make better choices about the foods we eat, and we can also make better choices about the products we use and apply to our skin.

BEE-autiful skin begins with natural ingredients. Just like a home-cooked meal will always be healthier for you than eating out, so is making your own DIY skin care products. Create your own face & body washes, anti-aging masks, hydrating sprays, moisturizers and more, following quick and easy DIY recipes for bath and body and skin care products. Ingredients such as honey, lavender oil,  coconut oil, shea butter, and many other organic ingredients and essential oils offer numerous health and benefits to our skin.
BEE-natural. BEE-healthy.