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Essential Oils

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Essential Oils

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Essential Oil Skincare Chart

Use essential oils to treat common skin problems, naturally!
ESSENTIAL OIL dry skin oily skin sensitive skin ANTI-AGING non cystic acne NOTABLE
Bergamot**** reduces dark spots
soothes skin irritations, rashes
bergapene-free recommended
Calendula***great for healing scars and wounds, eczema and acne
avoid during pregnancy
Cedarwood ****great for eczema
tones and tightens skin
avoid during pregnancy
Clary Sage****great for PMS
intensifies sedatives
avoid during pregnancy
Cypress **varicose veins and cellulite
excellent natural deodorant
avoid during pregnancy
Frankincense*****powerful astringent, acne
slows the signs of aging
avoid during pregnancy
Geranium*****great for acne, dull skin, oily skin, cellulite, menopause
can be photo sensitizing
Grapefruit - Pink****balancing for dry and oily skin, natural source of vitamin C
Helichrysum*****hydrosol is an economical substitute
Jasmine****Great for Post-Pregnancy
helps reduce stretch marks and
scarring from acne
Lavender*****best option for sensitive skin
French Barreme recommended
Lemon ***5 fold preferred for face
non Photosensitizing
Niaouli***powerful antiseptic
milder relative of tea tree
Orange**(5 Fold Preferred, Not Photosensitizing)
Patchouli*****patch test recommended for sensitive skin
Peppermint**Great for Hair
Roman Chamomile*****
Rose****hydrosol is an economical substitute
Rosewood***anti-aging benefits
regenerative skin healer
powerful antiseptic
Rosemary***Great for Hair
Sandalwood*****powerful antiseptic
anti-inflammatory, anti-aging
Tea Tree****low concentrations recommended Niaouli is milder
Vetiver ****avoid during pregnancy
Ylang Ylang****balancing for dry skin