DIY Frankincense and Myrrh Body Lotion

Making your own body lotion with frankincense and myrrh has a number of benefits. It is both an attractive hobby and a skin care routine. With a few basic ingredients that are easy to obtain in the DIY Bath and Body webstore, you can save money, tailor your products to your taste and particular skin issue and assure yourself that you are minimizing the amount of chemicals you introduce yourself to during your day. Particularly with frankincense and myrrh, natural lotions assist in a wide array of skin care issues people are interested in eliminating.

More than just your average lotion, both frankincense and myrrh boast a wide array of wonderful skin benefits. They are naturally cleansing because of their antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial effects. They are astringent and help the skin’s tone and condition. They can combat fungal infections and sensitive skin problems like eczema. For a more in depth look at how these oils and plant properties nourish your skin, you may visit our blog article.

The mechanics of making a natural lotion are somewhat simple. You will need an oil or butter (or both) for what we will call the oil component. You will also need some type of liquid for what we will call the liquid component.  Many people prefer to add some type of emulsifier into their mixture to help with longevity and stability.

You have some choices to make about the types of oils and butters you most desire and likewise with the other two components. Shea butter and almond oil are a great starting point for beginners for the oil component. There is, however, an incredible array of combinations possible and for the skin conditions that frankincense and myrrh address, jojoba and coconut oils are also great choices for your oil component.  Plain water or a green tea infusion can be used for the liquid. Other options include aloe vera gel, hydrosols, and an endless number of strained herbal infusions. Emulsifiers can range from beeswax to cera bellina.  If you omit the water from your recipe you will end up with a rich and creamy body butter type consistency and this can be preferable to some people.

From here, it is all about ratios and these will somewhat change depending on the recipe you are using.  We will address the basics here for an overview. You’ll want around ¼ of a cup of a solid oil, such as shea, coconut, or any oil you prefer that is semi solid to solid at room temperature. Add to that ¼ cup of a liquid oil such as jojoba or almond oil.  You must warm the oils together to melt them and doing so in a mason jar in a water bath is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this. Add your beeswax into that mixture and ensure it also melts. Let your oil and wax mixture return to room temperature before you attempt to add water.  This is a great time to add in our essential oils of frankincense and myrrh so you don’t risk destroying them at all with heat.

Adding your water happens now, and this can take some real practice, but you can master it! You’re going to be using around 2 tablespoons/0.5 ounces and you will very slowly trickle it into your oil while your mixer is on. Continue to whip for 1-3 minutes to ensure your lotion is set.

If you do choose to have a more body butter consistency, you can skip the warming step and combine all of the oil, solid and liquid, into your mixer or mixing bowl to whip them together.

You will want to try lots of different recipes in order to get the perfect lotion for you, and there are many available here at DIY Bath & Body. Slight adjustments to the amounts of ingredients and ratios can mean success for some and disaster for others because making lotion is a bit of an artform. It is extremely rewarding and absolutely decadent and divine when you get the smell, texture and consistency that you love. You should remember that without shelf stabilizers that come in commercial products, your lotion won’t last long and you can refrigerate it to lengthen shelf life. In a week or two, it will be time to toss your leftovers and start an incredibly fresh batch of natural lotion.