With season changes and harsh conditions comes dry, and sometimes itchy, skin. Without regular exfoliation, the dry cells sit on the surface – causing skin to feel rough and uncomfortable to the touch. Using a salt scrub will not only smooth skin, but open it up to be moisturized and rejuvenated!

How-to-avoid-dry-skin-in-winter-homemade-remedies-4It is almost too easy to make a simple home salt scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells and reduce itchy or dry skin. The scrub will additionally assist in re-moisturizing your skin to prevent it from drying up and protecting it from harsh conditions.

  1. First, you will need to select a salt that you can use and since they’re many, pick the one that suits your skin like sea salt which works for many skin types. This is because its crystals are slightly bigger hence the scrubbing effect works significantly better compared to the others. After selecting the salt to use, it will require something to bind it together so add a carrier oil like jojoba, coconut or castor but avoid those oils with petroleum products like baby oil since they don’t absorb to your skin and when is evaporates it could leave your skin even drier than before.
  2. Thoroughly mix the salt and the oil to make it firm and then you may add a few drops of essential oils to the mixture and stir together to give it a sweet scent. Essential oils that could be suitable are either lavender which is known to relax or peppermint which energizes, lemon which freshens or any other that suites your taste. Alternatively, you can try extracts like vanilla – depending on your preference.detox-sea-salt-scrub
  3. Once the scrub is well mixed and ready for use, store it in a jar and use it during or after your shower or bath. This homemade salt is perfect for frequently exposed dry skin like on your hands, elbows, knees and feet.
  4. When using the scrub, you can use your washcloth, fingers or a loofah and rub the product in a circular motion. Then wait for a few minutes for the product to work into the skin. When it starts to feel dry and sticky, you can rinse it off with warm water and pat dry with a soft cloth.
  5. When using this mixture, your skin may feel a bit oily. This is totally normal – and good! Simply pat dry with a cloth and the oils will naturally absorb into your skin.

stock-photo-56928296-woman-using-a-peeling-glove-in-a-showerAfter using the scrub, your skin should feel soft, healthy, moisturized – and most importantly, exfoliated. With the dash of the essential oils, it should feel super soft as the oil will have moisturized your skin perfectly. Making your own salt scrub will keep your skin healthy AND save you lots of cash!