Healing Your Pet with Essential Oils

Essential oils are associated with a variety of positive overall health effects associated with their distinct properties. You can also enhance the health of your pets using essential oils as well. Read on to find out exactly what you need to know about healing properties of essential oils on pets.


This essential oil is known for its sweet herbaceous scent. It is a definite must have for pet owners, especially those with cats and dogs. The sweet aroma makes it easy for pet owners to keep their pet’s living and sleeping areas fresh at all times. You can forget about any foul smell around the dog kennel with this essential oil in hand. It is also know to soothe both pets and human beings, preventing irritation. Since most pets experience anxiety when riding in a car, this oil can be used to keep them calm throughout through its soothing properties. Find here.

German Chamomile  

German Chamomile is known to have a variety of applications as far as pets are concerned. The oil or hydrosol can be used to keep pets calm and also address a variety of digestive issues. Its soothing and calming properties effectively address nervousness, anxiety and mental tension in cats and dogs as well as some bird species commonly kept as pets. Find here.


This particular essential oil is known for its calming effect on people’s nerves and helps resolve sleep issues. Valerian also has the same calming effects on pets as it has on human beings. It can be used to calm an anxious pet. A perfect situation to use this essential oil is in calming cats and dogs suffering from anxiety due to seclusion. It can also be used to calm pets that become anxious due to exposure to too much noise.

Clary Sage

This essential oil is known for its nerve calming effects. Over the centuries, it has been used to provide these effects to users. Pet owners can also use the oil to the same end when t comes to their pets as well. Both cats and dogs experience the same nerve calming effects of Clary Sage keeping them from being too fussy. In particular, this essential oil is used on companion birds to solve common behavioral problems. Find here. 


This is another essential oil that has been used for centuries to provide an emotionally uplifting effect to users and solve a variety of digestive system problems. The herb is specifically used in solving digestive problems including diarrhea and colic among others. The uplifting nature of the oil means that it can also be used to keep people and pets in good spirits. Find here.

Taking appropriate care of your pet is no easy task. Essential oils can be great for keeping pets calm and anxiety free. It is usually recommended that users take the time to familiarize themselves with essential oils which can be used on animals without any risk of side effects. Most importantly, the essential oils used on pets should not pose any safety risks to human beings who come into contact with the pets.