Frankincense & Myrrh is Beneficial for Skin Care

Frankincense and myrrh is a classic winter holiday combination with spiritual connections. They also have more practical uses that benefit skin in a variety of ways. These plants are of very similar types and share a lot of the same characteristics. This means they will amplify each other well.  They are a natural cocktail of nourishment and rejuvenation that your whole body can benefit from, and familiarizing yourself with the properties and benefits of these super oils is a great place to start for beginners to the DIY and natural beauty community. Care should always be taken to go slowly and sparsely when first applying to skin and to test for any adverse reactions or sensitivity.


Frankincense has powerful disinfectant properties which are a benefit to skin care because clean skin is healthy skin. Experimenting with cleansing creams can ease dry skin that soap washing can produce and frankincense is a great ‘cure all/anti-everything’ oil to start with in such products. It is also anti inflammatory which means it can help lessen redness and improve skin tone. Because of it’s anti-aging properties it can help skin look more revitalized and lifted and is astringent enough to be able to strengthen the roots of your hair. The spicy, woodsy scent is extremely appealing to most people and deeply invigorating.


Myrrh is known to improve circulation and increasing blood flow to your skin can help it appear more plump and moisturized thereby also helping to lessen wrinkling and any dullness in the complexion. It may be used to treat acne and other blemishes to the skin including ingrown hairs. Luckily, its scent is very complimentary to frankincense.

Both Frankincense and myrrh share antifungal aspects to them and some people have had success adding these ingredients to creams and lotions or oils to help combat skin issues like eczema, ringworm and athlete’s foot. They likewise both promote healing of wounds on the skin.

Overall, these oils are detoxifying and purifying and users may see a reduction in skin issues like discoloration and improved urination and sweat. This can help the skin because ridding the body of toxins has a huge impact on clarity and calmness of skin. They provide internal support for the kidneys and overall immune system which serves a similar effect and these benefits can be introduced to the body by applying the oils topically.

Adding them to a honey compress can speed healing and reduce scarring. Alone or in blends with other oils with similar properties Frankincense and myrrh lend themselves well to natural hand sanitizing oils or creams. Other potential uses are as additions to natural shampoo and natural conditioner or hair conditioning oils, bath oils and salts, and therapeutic balms.

Entering the wonderfully robust smelling world of frankincense and myrrh truly is a wonderful way to begin incorporating natural products into your routine and revisiting them is valuable for veterans of the natural wellness community. When using oils and hydrosols in skin care, it is important to be sure the products you are choosing are of the highest quality, free of impurities and chemicals that could irritate the very skin you are trying to improve. DIY Bath and Body is pleased to offer you frankincense and myrrh essential oils that have been vetted by our staff so you can rest assured that you are purchasing a worthy product even if you are a beginner to natural skin care.