Combat Stress with Essential Oils

Each season and evironment offers some special challenges to healthy balanced living. With a little extra care and knowledge of the arsenal of natural, homeopathic remedies and organic materials you can soften the blow of the cold weather and added stress of the holiday season or help sooth your nerves and body in the busy summer months. DIY Bath and Body is here to help with a short guide to essential oils to combat stress of various forms. We will discuss the methodology of essential oils for stress treatment and also provide links to items in our online store that have been hand picked by our dedicated team.

Finding Relief

Stress, of course, comes in more than one form. There is the physical stress of seasonal weather and dehydrating effects of home heating and cooling. Holiday gatherings unfortunately expose us to the potential for germs, bacteria and viruses that we pass around with our gifts and shared meals. Even shopping poses a similar opportunity for getting run down and exposed to other people’s illnesses. Sometimes, it’s your own family that can stress you out mentally, even though you love them! Luckily, many essential oils actually assist in all of these types of stress at once.

Frankincense, cinnamon, clove bud, citrus oils including grapefruit, cedarwood and lavender are all wonderful choices for antibacterial and antiviral stress relievers that also elevate mood, decrease anxiety and support the respiratory system. Conveniently, they’re also considered great holiday smells to help your home feel festive and relaxing. Making a cream, lotion or warm oil treatment with these oils can help moisturize the skin and also act as a calming therapeutic balm for congestive symptoms. Adding a bit of eucalyptus oil to your cream makes it perfect for rubbing on your chest to sooth chest colds and night time congestion.

All of these essential oils should be safe for topical application provided they are mixed with a carrier oil and tested on a small part of your body before going full slather. They can also be used in a diffuser, oil warmer or added to beeswax tarts to scent your room while simultaneously providing mood elevating and respiratory benefits. If you are suffering from a severe stuffy nose and head congestion, you can whip up an easy batch of shower melts or bath salts containing any of these oils and turn your own shower into a healing sauna.

Your skin and hair can clearly suffer from stress, dryness or chapping as a result of the temperatures and fluctuations in conditions transitioning from outside to inside and many of the same essential oils are also nourishing. Tea tree oil is very cleansing because it is antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal. It’s fresh scent mixes very well with mint and eucalyptus and it can assist in dry skin conditions such as eczema and dandruff. Carrot seed oil and camellia oil are other great choices for skin and hair stress. They are very moisturizing and may improve the color and firmness of your skin as well. Clove oil can be added to your mixtures if you suffer from wind burned or painful skin dryness to take advantage of its analgesic properties.

For the times when you are always on the go and the seemingly simple tasks of your life are wearing on your nerves, you can turn to all of these same oils in similar applications to help assist you and mellow out your day. Diffuser methods, room sprays and something as simple as keeping a scented wax tart in your car when driving are all easy and excellent ways to incorporate the benefits of stress reducing essential oils.

Choosing different oil combinations and carrier bases can tailor a therapeutic blend to your tastes and time of year. There are several ready made products in the DIY Bath and Body shop comprised of stress relieving essential oils and you can always trust that the products available at our site are free of harsh chemicals. Try adding some of these natural products into your beauty routine and reap the benefits of mother nature’s care.