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Easy DIY Recipe for Rejuvenating Tea Tree Face Cream

Why DIY Tea Tree Face Cream? With the harsh effects of the external environment nowadays, face creams are not only a necessity for women, but also for men. Protecting skin from the sun, restoring moisture, and adding the benefits of anti-aging ingredients for soothing and healing properties is the key to healthy skin.  Many face creams […]

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The Basics of Essential Oil Blends

Essential oils are Nature’s enhancers and energizers—the most powerful tool among aromatherapy professionals. They have been proven in scientific research to relieve a number of ailments and to have antiseptic properties. You can get all the benefits of quality essential oils through careful skin application or inhalation. If you want to intensify your experience with […]

The Great Benefits of Coconut Oil

You may have caught wind of this new, extremely old product. Since coconut’s latest wave to hit the Western World in the latest millennium, it has been the talk on every natural, how-to, DIY website to hit the internet. Now with social media, Google, and people turning to the more natural way of living, it […]

How to get your feet smooth and soft – naturally!

The feet are probably the part of your body that you least take care of. They get dry and calloused, making you want to conceal them. These natural home remedies will help you make your feet as smooth as baby skin!

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Eliminate Stretch Marks With Essential Oils

Eliminate Stretch Marks With Essential Oils Many of us have streaks on the skin or know someone that does. These streaks, or rather stretch marks, are usually of different color than that of your skin (most often lighter). The skin develops stretch marks due to a loss of collagen; this is the protein that helps the […]

Test Your Creations With Friends

Test Your Creations With Friends As do-it-yourself blogs are becoming more and more popular over the internet, people are becoming more creative with ideas on different products. DIY projects not only serve to save you money, but also help you gain knowledge and skills on the projects you work on. It is fun to create […]

Healing Your Pet with Essential Oils

Healing Your Pet with Essential Oils Essential oils are associated with a variety of positive overall health effects associated with their distinct properties. You can also enhance the health of your pets using essential oils as well. Read on to find out exactly what you need to know about healing properties of essential oils on […]

How to use Essential Oils

How to use Essential Oils Essential oils can be used to provide their healing and soothing properties to the body through different ways. Generally, exposing the oils to the skin or nasal cavities is enough to allow the body to absorb everything it needs from the concentrations. To ensure that you enjoy the best essential […]

What are Hydrosols and How to Use Them?

What are Hydrosols? Hydrosols are usually produced through steam distillation of plant matter in a bid to dissolve essential oilsand water soluble constituents. Hydrosols are concentrated solutions of water soluble constituents obtained from plant matter through distillation. These water soluble constituents provide the impressive healing and soothing properties of hydrosols when used in different applications. […]