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How to get your feet smooth and soft – naturally!

The feet are probably the part of your body that you least take care of. They get dry and calloused, making you want to conceal them. These natural home remedies will help you make your feet as smooth as baby skin!

oil blend

What Is Pure Therapeutic Grade?

  What Is Pure Therapeutic Grade? For the average person, it is difficult to distinguish between a high quality, greater grade essential oil and one that has been “drawn-out” or contains other unnatural elements. Most of us can’t tell the difference as our noses are just not trained – but this doesn’t mean we can’t learn. A […]

How to make your own SALT scrub. It’s easy!

With season changes and harsh conditions comes dry, and sometimes itchy, skin. Without regular exfoliation, the dry cells sit on the surface – causing skin to feel rough and uncomfortable to the touch. Using a salt scrub will not only smooth skin, but open it up to be moisturized and rejuvenated! It is almost too easy to […]

All Natural vs Organic. What’s the difference?

All-Natural vs. Organic:  What is the Difference? Information on natural organic skin care is very puzzling to say the least. Though, we tend to avoid synthetic and artificial ingredients in the food and drinks we take, we don’t know much about the ingredients used in the beauty and personal care products we often use. More […]

Essential Oils for Clear, Healthy & Glowing Skin

Essential Oils for Clear, Healthy & Glowing Skin Do you know skin care is one of the most controversial topics we have out there? Are you aware of a natural way to protect and care your skin? Since time in memorial, people have often looked for ways to make their skin look smooth and ageless. […]

Top 10 Toxic Ingredients to Avoid in Your Skincare Products

Top 10 Toxic Ingredients to Avoid in Your Skincare Products We know to look for ingredients in the food we eat – but does anyone look for what toxic ingredients are in our skincare and makeup products? Not many people. But we should, because what we put on our body is just as important as what […]

Why DIY?

You may have noticed the sudden increase of DIY projects all over the internet. This new trend is off to a trailblazing start, and for very good reason. The more health conscious people are about what foods they eat, naturally it goes to what ingredients are in their food. Quickly behind that, they start realizing […]